Find the right sized racquet for your game.

It is based on height, so come see us and we can find the correct fit. 

Select the right tennis balls for your game.

Red QST 36' are for 4-8yo. 

Orange QST 60' for 9+ kids

Pro-Penn are advanced children or adults. 

​​​From Camps, to Lessons, to Racquet Sales and Repair, the Tennis HUB has you covered. 


  • Racquets
Speed 19"$15.00
Speed or Instinct 21"$15.00
Speed or Instinct 23"
Speed or Instinct 25"
Adult FramesVary by Model

  • Tennis Balls

3pack12 pack72pack
Red QST 36'$5.00$15.00$75.00
Orange QST 60'$5.00$15.00$75.00
Pro Penn$5.00------$80.00


  • ​Stringing
    • When is the last time your racquet was re-strung?​​ If it has been a while or you have recently broken your strings, we have you covered.


     Stringing Only$20.00
     Basic String (Synthetic Gut)$25.00
     Premium String (Polyester, Multi-filiment)$30.00
     Premium Hybrid String$32.00

  • Grips
    • We stock a select line of Head and Gamma over-grips and replacement grips. They can be added to any stringing for $2 per over-grip and $10 per replacement grip. 


w/ Mike

w/ Instructor


$50/hour or $30/ half hour

$30/hour or $20/ half hour


$60/hour or $40/ half hour

$40/hour or $25/ half hour


$20/hour per person 

$10/hour per person 

​​                                  * Group consists of a minimum of 4 participants

                                            Lessons may be available with Jordan, Celine, or Mickey upon request. Please contact us for specifics.